Creative Genies is a community organisation that promotes, markets and provides engaging ways in which to promote and raise the profile of your organisation, theme or project. Using a range of engaging visuals and social media content. Implementing effective social media campaigns, effective networking we can tailor a package to suit your budget.

We have significant knowledge of branding and marketing as well as sound understanding of business principles, we create a solid foundation by which to work and market your promotional services to see you on the way to success!


Providing a platform for young people to showcase talent, organising, facilitating and matching activities for young people, building on the skills they already have and match placing them with business and professional partners for their further development.


One of the things that we enjoy most is working organically with local groups, no matter what they do, there is always an avenue for creating something special and spreading awareness of their products, service, and causes. Creative Genies strategise on best ways to promote their services in creative ways; the possibilities are endless.


Establishing a brand & making it recognisable; We listen to what you have to say and pitch the idea that best supports your brand helping consumers understand your mission, aims & objectives of your company, building strong specific brand content that can make a difference to potential consumers. We can help you create demand for your product , create unusual concepts designed to improve audience/fan following. Establish innovative ways to style, market your act, highlight the quality of your products, services to help your brand get more attention, and become a household name!


Strategic thinking is at the helm of what we do; we are responsible for taking your project to the next step, executing and enforcing your mission and vision. We will consult with you on an activity plan, get to know what your desires, aspirations and long term visions are and create a methodical guide designed to improve business sales, marketing, sourcing the right personnel for your project and carrying out the various stages of your production, consulting on budget and directing on seasonal productions as per your requirements.


Little Red Riding Hood…with a neo political slant invites audience participation as part of a sketch work in progress with an organic feel prior to final performance. The content includes work featured around China’s social credit scoring situation, Big Brother CCTV, modern day covert technology. It also gives participants an opportunity to develop their own potential, confidence and to co create within a safe and intimate space. As part of the worshops you are free to creatively inject your own signature into this very controversial art piece.
The workshops are suitable for complete beginners as well as those who are more advanced and presents an opportunity to be part of a final staged performance. This work also features some digital video mapping and projections.


T-Shirt Club

Creative Genies is running T-Shirt Club in partnership with SAVAGE, LondonCricklewood Broadway for young people who live and work in Brent.Welcome to the T-shirt Club where you can create your own T-shirt. This culminates in creative design,skill sharing on how to use digital creative toolsselect your colour ways, designs and then bam! You’re ready to go.


Just want to say a Big Thank you To ASDA, Wembley store for supporting the event
and for the support of the staff. Thank you to Mohammed Khan, to Eleanor, Ketan, and lots of
others for making The Make A Friend Day so successful.

Please feel free to pop down to the next one and have fun!

Thanks once again! Everyone loved your creamy scones!


Creative Genies have teamed up with NCS, The Challenge.org to offer young people a great opportunity to fundraise ; This is a charity who has at it’s heart the opportunity to raise awareness of those living with blood cancer and illnesses where a matched donor is required to save a life. ACLT is committed to providing hope to patients living with blood cancer and illnesses where a matched donor (stem cell, blood or organ) is required to save a life. Due to an extreme shortage of African and carribbean donors, they improve odds of finding matches by registering potential donors from all ethnicities, with a focus on donors from the African and Caribbean communities.




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